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What skill you're developing

Understand what each skill entails and how it applies across all industries

Why this skill is important

See why each skill is important to develop for future career success

How skilled you are right now

Consider your current skill level and whether each skill is one you want develop

What you can do to improve

Think about actions you can take in your everyday work to improve each skill

How others use the skill

See examples of how others use each skill in their work to improve their career

Where you can learn more

Find out information about what else you can do to further develop each skill

The future of work is changing

Which skills should you develop to keep up with changing demand?

Graph showing probability of demand for employment in professions

21st century skills

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Based on research from the UK's innovation agency for social good

The Future of Skills study, in collaboration with the Oxford Martin School and the education company Pearson, considers all the major forces that will shape the labour market and identifies the skills that will protect workers against these forces of change.